Our book series aims at supplying didactic materials of various kinds to the people working in the field of musical education. It was developed as an evolution of the release of materials for our members on the site of the OSI - Orff-Schulwerk Italiano Association. It includes pristine materials, re-prints of books that are no longer printed by the original publishers and some of the materials that have already been published on the site as to make them usable for a larger group of people.
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The song of the Bird
Palestinian songs for children composed by Rima Nasir Tarazi
(edited by Bettina Ezbidi and Francesco Saverio Galtieri)
arrangements for Orff Instruments: Maria Grazia Bellìa
English version
In cooperation with Edward Said National Conservatory of Music in Palestine
OSI-MKT, Brescia 2008, 72 pages + enclosed cd
€ 20,00
colo.duets Chiara Strada
Coloured duets - 15 classical pieces adapted to the piano for children's first steps in music in the company of the teacher.
CDO-025 - OSI-MKT Brescia 2014 pag.40
€ 18,00